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Los Angeles, California

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Los Angeles, California

Arqlite is a recycling technology company building the next generation of sustainable building materials. Our green technology is changing the plastic recycling industry with the capability to process up to 1 ton of non-recyclable plastics per hour, which can be used for green construction gravel, light aggregate, hydroponic growth media, drainage media, and more. Our primary product is a light aggregate called Smart Gravel. It's sold in bulk as a lightweight aggregate for green construction projects and precast concrete. It is greener, cheaper, 10 times better insulator and 3 times lighter than mineral gravel, representing an eco-friendly solution and a cost optimization. Smart Gravel is also sold by the bag to be used for drainage, decorative stones, or as a hydroponic growth media. It is optimally sized and shaped to promote proper drainage in gardening and landscaping projects, helping save plants from overwatering and root rot. Additionally, unlike expanded clay, Smart Gravel doesn't generate dust, making it the easiest to use and most convenient hydroponic growth medium on the market.

Products and Design Files

Project Resource Files

Landscaping, Pot Drainage & Hydroponics Brochure
Hydroponics Brochure
Construction Data Sheet - Arqlite Smart Gravel
LEED - Arqlite Smart Gravel